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Something totally not multitouch related, Magicka, the number 1 hit on Steam


When I started this blog, almost 4 years ago, it was a personal blog about my journey as a student in the (back then absolutely new) multi-touch world. Jeff Han's TED video was just uploaded to Youtube and googling for "multitouch" returned about 3 hits.

Over time, this blog has become the home of our company NUITEQ.

Though I do want to share something with you, that is completely not multi-touch related, but that I'm proud of having been involved in.

In addition to NUITEQ, other exciting things are happening in Skellefteå.

In 2008 a group of students from the local Lulea Technical University (LTU) in Skelleftea, received the award Best Game of the Year during the Swedish Game Awards for their game Magicka.

Not that much later they decided to start their own company Arrowhead Games Studios AB, to try to make this game into a commercial effort. (NUITEQ had the privilege to recruit two talented people of their original team)

I saw great potential in these guys/this game, so together with a friend of mine Pradeep George, who is also a board member at NUITEQ, we joined their advisory board for 6 months in the early days.

Though no longer being personally involved, I'm very proud of what they have achieved. They have released their game Magicka and sold 30 000 copies during the first 24 hours. Released January 25, by January 31 it had become the week's best-selling title on Steam and GamersGate, placing second on Direct2Drive.

Despite a few bugs that the team is fixing rapidly, this game is a big hit. They got featured on Wired and Fox within a few days and by all the major gaming review sites. People all over the shop from Latin America, to Pakistan bought this game.

This game kicks serious ass, check the video below and you can own it for a ridiculous 10 dollar.

I'm looking forward to what more we can expect from Arrowhead.