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NUITEQ's Korean partner AVA Vision showcase at Kosign, big success

NUITEQ's Korean partner AVA Vision showcased their multi-touch solutions at Kosign in Korea, end of November.

The event was a big success, drawing large crowds to their exhibition booth where visitors could engage and explore their multi-touch hardware solutions running NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite.


AVA Vision showed the quality of interactive foils and all kinds of applications.
The goal was to demonstrate how to use touch films and how each customer have their own unique solution.


The feedback from visitors that was often heard was "Wow! It works like in the movies."


The introduced products included:

1. Interactive touch foil(30 to 116”, any format) : Projected Capacitance Tech.(PCT) type sensor has advantages to install behind the glass or similar material. Meaning it is a very stable solution andsafe in any other circumstance even outdoor like as mountain top shelter.

In Seoul & Busan there are smart bus stations using PCT sensor because of cost-effective decision instead of IR sensor.

See some of AVA Visions products highlighted in the below video.

Smart bus station from AVA Vision on Vimeo.

2. 50” Curved window touch(30” to 120”, any format) : Using AVA RPF and Interactive touch foil, AVA Vision showed the curved window screen and it is touchable. Wherever you want to make screen and touch functions, you just place those adhesive films, plus they are easy to install.

3. 40” LCD TV window touch : You can change the shop window from a normal advertising display to an interactive touch screen for advertisement and entertainment. This is suitable for any location that uses a display and glass.

4. Interactive Kiosk (30” to 82”) : This is the most famous product in Korea, you can find this in any crowd place. PCT type Kiosk(film sensor) has advantage to install at any circumstance ever outdoor. We use special Samsung panel & Interactive touch film even perfect solution for all. It could be separately sold by sensors or solutions. Check our brochure.

5. 46” LCD touch table(30 to 82”) : Using special LCD panel & Interactive touch foil. It is a safe and stable solution, even when you spill water or food, because it’s protected by tempered glass. PCT sensor only recognizes the finger or body, so no abnormal objects.


Check the video below for a review of the multi-touch products of AVA Vision at the exhibition:

KOSIGN Review - all products from AVA Vision on Vimeo.

Is your company similar to AVA Vision? Do you need a multi-touch software solution to complement your multi-touch hardware? Are you an OEM, System Integrator or Value Added Reseller? Inquire now on how to partner with NUITEQ and enjoy our partnership benefits. Get in touch with us here and we'll gladly explain, how to increase your sales and increase your customer loyalty. What would you do if you lost your top 3 customers?