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NUITEQ's Italy based partner Interactive Box launches new multi-touch products

NUITEQ's Italy based partner Interactive Box launched hot new multi-touch products.

Multi-touch Solutions - Unique Italian Craftsmanship - Built to last



42" Digital Signage Solution Monolite

More info on the Monolite can be found here.


Mobile 32" Table Touché

More info on the Touché, can be found here.

Information about Digital Signage multitouch software solution FindIT (jointly developed and conceptualized by NUITEQ and Interactive Box), can be found here.

Download the NUITEQ 10 Benefits brochure here.

The above products are already available now.

Multi-touch overlays, glass panels and integrated monitors / displays are soon available for delivery.

Read the PR news item on the NUITEQ Interactive Box partnership here, under "22 September 2010 -Trieste headquartered Interactive Box partners with NUITEQ® to offer multi-touch solutions to the Italian and Slovenian market".