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Be happy with what you got

This morning it was about -10 degrees Celsius outside, here in Skellefteå.

While walking to the office, I ran into two guys that were cleaning windows outside of a shop. I was thinking, these guys really have a tough job standing here in the icey cold, cleaning windows, water splashing in their faces, partly snowing and here I am walking to our office, thinking in my head wow its cold. Why am I even thinking this. I'm soon in a nice warm office and these guys are busting their backs standing in the cold. So I said "Guys, you must have a tough job, standing here out in the cold cleaning windows.", whereas one of them smiled and answered "Nah its alright". Wow what a positive attitude, great stuff. 8 AM and lesson learned for the day.

Not to forget to mention those people that work for the municipality, that each morning walk around in town with those grabber sticks to pick up litter from the streets, in the icey cold, to make our city look nice, clean and beautiful. So underrated the work that they do and what a tough job.

Those are the same people that make sure we can get easily into our office, as each morning they clean the path to the office, so that we don't have to drag ourselves through 10 inches of snow to reach the main entrance door.



(Images: NUITEQ office)

So a lot of people complain about their jobs, but wow some people do have it a whole lot worse. I feel very lucky with my job and chances are you should feel lucky with your job as well.

To round up this don't worry be happy post, each morning I run into at least 1-3 blind people that walk around in town with their white sticks, while I'm on my way to the office. So each morning I get confronted with how lucky I actually am, knowing that I'm healthy and that you should be appreciative, as many people have it a whole lot worse.

Be happy with what you got.....