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My first month at NUITEQ - by Dennis Mohi

Image: Dennis Mohi ready for a cool adventure at NUITEQ in the North of Sweden


NUITEQ recently appointed Dennis Mohi as its Business Development Manager (see the news item here: http://nuiteq.com/news/index.php).

I asked Dennis to write down his thoughts on his first month at NUITEQ.

"In a little northern Swedish town, in a land far, far away (from my home country New Zealand anyway), there lives a small company with a powerful vision. Sounds like the beginnings of a fairytale doesn’t it? Well for the multi-touch industry world wide, it is, as this is where Snowflake Suite was born. From humble beginnings, Nuiteq is now established at pole position in the world of interactive multi-touch solutions, having a stable of Fortune 100 clients and leading hardware manufacturers in its partner portfolio. And guess what,…this is where I work and I am one month in…..

Laptop, check+ desk and chair, check+ Skype account loaded, check. Pick the phone up and start talking to people. Simple really. Especially when you are calling Brazil one minute, Taiwan the next and the person on the other end loves Snowflake and more often than not, are in fact relieved that you have called. For a lot of people NUITEQ's multi-touch software is the missing link in their armory, the piece of the jigsaw that was missing. Essentially I see it like this, you have the canvass (hardware) and we provide the paint and paint brushes. Snowflake provides the part of the equation to bring the vision to life + a concept that will engage, an experience that will be remembered. One thing that has amazed me since starting at NUITEQ, is the recognition and high regard our clients and future clients have for Snowflake. It really is a market defining product. Back this up with our passionate development and support teams and you have a potent combination for success. So far, so good….its an inspiring place to work and I'm sure there is a happy ever after to come…."