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Hot new release, the long awaited Snowflake Suite version upgrade 1.9.2 is available now!

NUITEQ is excited to announce the release of version upgrade 1.9.2 of its award-winning multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite.

We have added a big load of new features, tools and benefits for you to enjoy. We are very excited about this and I'm sure you are as well!

1 * We've added a complete new Map exploration tool that allows you to zoom and pan around on an interactive map, which makes it suitable as a tourist information point or way-finding.

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2 * You can now copy files from the Media Viewer to an USB storage device, ideal for at trade shows, events and exhibitions, where you want to give your clients a new experience.

3 * One of the most exciting new features is the ability to run external executables from the Snowflake menu, allowing you for example to run Microsoft Touch Pack applications and external Flash files all from within your Snowflake interface!

4 * We have increased the usability of the registration of Snowflake, making it an even easier process to install and register.

5 * Interested to have 30 Media Viewer applications all with different content inside Snowflake? No problem, the Snowflake grid menu automatically overflows into new pages, so that you can scroll through different pages within the menu, giving you that iPhone menu experience.

6 * People seemed to like the existing Puzzle application, however we have received a large amount of inquiries to not only puzzle with images, but also puzzle videos. Therefore we have integrated support for videos in the Puzzle application.

7 * It seems like everybody loves zooming and rotating, especially if you can do it with PDF product brochures, so we integrated support for rotatable and zoom-able PDF's inside the Media Viewer, so that people can load their own PDF's in there. This solution is ideal for round the table discussions / consultation, in for example banks.

8 * I'm sure you started to get a bit bored with the same graphics for a couple of months, so we decided to give you a splashing new wow experience by completely redoing the graphics for applications menu and the background.

Don't like the new graphics? Don't worry, we have added the old graphics as a backup in the release, in case you want to switch back to the old graphics.

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9 * People love to show off Snowflake by taking screen-shots. We made sure that the print screen option in Windows 7 is now working according to your expectations.

10 * Remember that when you loaded your own videos in the Media Viewer, that sometimes there was just a black image, because Snowflake looks at the first frame of the video and in your case the first frame was black? We made sure that now instead we looked at a frame in the middle of the video, so that this is the face of your video, so that you can easily recognize your content.

Furthermore we worked on general graphical updates, performance enhancements and general bug fixes to give you that extra smooth experience.

Snowflake Suite is compatible with rear IR camera based systems, 3M, N-trig, Wacom, Nexio, IR Touch, Visual Planet, Lumio, PQ Labs, dreaMTouch and other multi-touch hardware technology platforms, making it platform agnostic and therefore the most flexible multi-touch software product in the industry.

The benefits of Snowflake, include the high degree of flexibility in terms of customization. Users are easily able to give Snowflake their own custom look, by changing backgrounds, logos, images, 3d models, videos etc, to fit their exact own needs.

Just to show you how easy it is to fully customize the entire look and feel of Snowflake, see the below video of our Korean partner AVA Vision that turned Snowflake in a Korean style solution.

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The Snowflake Suite API & SDK allows software developers to create their own multi-touch software applications on top of Snowflake.

Snowflake is available to VARs, SIs, OEMs, end clients and software developers.

"NUITEQ's suite of Snowflake applications demonstrates the creativity and fun consumers can have using multi-touch functionality where they can use multiple touch points to interact with the software."

Lenny Engelhardt
VP Business Development, N-trig (Israel)

A free evaluation version of Snowflake Suite 1.9.2 is available for download here: http://nuiteq.com/downloads/index.php

If you are running a previous version of Snowflake, please make sure to uninstall (and unregister if you have a license key), before installing the new version.

For inquiries, please contact NUITEQ via the contact form here, or place your order through the NUITEQ online web-store, located here: http://www.nuiteq.com/catalog/.

Still wondering why you should use Snowflake? Check out one of my previous blog posts "10 reasons why to use NUITEQ's multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite".

Interested to see how many improvements we have made to Snowflake over time? Check out the change log on our Support Wiki here: http://wiki.nuiteq.com/tiki-index.php?page=SnowflakeChangelog