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NUITEQ nominated for Norrmejerier-stipendiet 2010 award. Vote now!

Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITEQ) is one of five nominees for the Norrmejerier-stipendiet 2010 award, for its innovative multi-touch solutions.


The jury's motivation for the nomination is as follows:

"NUITEQ is a cutting edge technology innovator. With its unique multi-touch technology for computer screens, they are on track to put Västerbotten on the worlds IT map, which is obviously good for the region. With its high international presence and a vision to make the north of Sweden known as an innovative and creative center, NUITEQ shows a strong belief in the future. The fact that you find companies like Ferrari and Lockheed Martin on their client list, shows that the northern entrepreneurial spirit has made an impression in many locations in the world."

Please take 30 seconds and give NUITEQ your support and vote for NUITEQ on the following URL: http://tinyurl.com/24cq2zw.