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Video: Ideum's MT-50 multi-touch table hammer and bowling ball drop test

NUITEQ's partner Ideum gives a demonstration of how ridiculously robust their MT-50 multi-touch tables are.

Behold the hammer and bowling ball drop test.

The MT-50 table is also incredibly durable. Its framing system is made of aircraft grade aluminum, steel panels, and thick, ultra-clear, micro-etched, tempered glass. All of the components are of the highest quality. It’s single button operation and automated shutdown features make it easy to operate.

“We focus on performance and durability,” says Jim Spadaccini, Creative Director of Ideum and former Director of Interactive Media at the Exploratorium. “We know what museum environments are like, and we design our tables to not just survive, but to thrive in these demanding public spaces. The bowling ball test is a fun way to show just how tough these tables really are.”

The MT-50 multitouch table has been installed in public venues across North America such as: California Science Center, the Getty, NASA, Oakland Museum, Ontario Science Centre, Vancouver Aquarium, and others.

The MT-50 multitouch table ships with Ideum’s own GestureWorks framework, which allows Flash developers to easily develop their own custom multitouch applications. GestureWorks is the most advanced way to author multitouch on Flash and is also available for sale as a stand-alone product.

Ideums MT-50 multi-touch tables come pre-installed with NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite vision tracking module TouchCore.