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Video: Snowflake Suite on 46" flat full HD true multi-touch LCD

See below a video running Snowflake Suite on 46" flat full HD true multi-touch LCD.

Snowflake Suite comes with hands full of multi-touch applications, an API and a SDK and is compatible with different multi-touch hardware technology platforms, including: 3M Touch Systems, N-trig, NextWindow, Lumio, Nexio, IR Touch, rear camera based systems, dreaMTouch and others.

Snowflake is available to OEM's, SI's, VAR's, software engineers and end clients.

Snowflake Suite is honored with a Stevie Awards finalist recognition for Best Product or Service of the Year 2009 in the category Media and Entertainment in the International Business Awards program.

For more information on Snowflake Suite and flat true multi-touch hardware solutions, visit www.nuiteq.com.