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Snowflake Suite 1.8 and Snowflake SDK released

Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITEQ) is very excited to announce the release of Snowflake Suite 1.8 and the Snowflake C++ SDK. This is one of the most significant releases until now, with literally tons of new features and applications.


We want to thank some of our clients and partners with whom we have worked closely together during the pre release stage, to ensure that their feedback was implemented.

Nexio support has been added to Snowflake. Other supported multi-touch hardware technology platforms include: 3M Touch Systems, N-trig, NextWindow, Lumio, rear camera and dreaMTouch.

We are keen to being able to show the Snowflake C++ SDK (beta), which will be available as a free full version download in the upcoming days through the NUITEQ website, located at www.nuiteq.com.
As the Snowflake SDK is in beta, we are looking forward to receive the feedback of software developers in order for us to improve the SDK.

New applications in 1.8 include Drums (a multi-touch drum set simulation), Slot Machine (a multi-touch slot machine casino game), Connledge (an alpha version of a zoomable wiki interface).



Connledge will allow users to load their wiki data either through an XML stream or from a database.

Pong has been re-introduced after numerous requests.

Airhockey has received an additional game mode (4 player mode).


A complete new menu system has been added, allowing users to browse through the applications. Users can even configure if they want to utilize the menu that was available in the previous versions of Snowflake.

Brand new application icons are integrated.


The PDF viewer has been rewritten and is therefore greatly improved and more flexible (including better resolution).

The licensing system has been rewritten, making licensing the software easier and more flexible (especially fine tuned for mass OEM integration)

The NUITEQ wiki is setup at wiki.nuiteq.com, hosting information like:
* Which platforms are supported
* FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
* Changelog
* Manuals
* SDK information
* Download links

and more.....

The 3d Viewer has been heavily improved, offering now support for COLLADA and improved render quality.


The Special Effects are optimized and general tweaks and bug fixes are performed.

View the entire changelog history of Snowflake here.

More information about the Snowflake product line can be found here.

A free evaluation version of Snowflake 1.8 can be downloaded here.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions in regards to Snowflake? We would love to hear from you via mail [at] nuiteq [dot] com.