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Snowflake Suite 1.8 Sneak Preview

In December we are releasing version 1.8 of our multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite and we want give you a sneak preview of what can be expected from the new release.

What to expect:
* Support for additional multi-touch hardware technology platforms
* 3 complete new applications!
* A classic application re-introduced
* Enhanced Airhockey with 4 player support
* New menu system
* New application icons
* Improved and more flexible PDF support
* Improved licensing system, making it easier and more flexible to license Snowflake (fine tuned for mass OEM integration)
* Snowflake Suite manuals will be accessible through a wiki, instead of PDF's, therefore making it more easily accessible
* New 3d models, support for COLLADA and improved render quality


More info on Snowflake Suite can be found here.

Free evaluation versions of Snowflake Suite for the following platforms; N-trig, 3M Touch Systems, NextWindow, Lumio, rear camera and more can be found here.

If you are interested to integrate or OEM license Snowflake Suite on any specific hardware touch technology platform, we encourage you to contact us here, so that we assist you as soon as possible.