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NUIversity® video novel fast Flash Local Connection and Snowflake Suite

In this educational NUIversity® video by Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITEQ), Snowflake Suite developer for the Adobe Flash platform, Ralph Das, explains the usage of Snowflake Suites Flash Touch Array and Local Connection Component, allowing Flash developers to make a novel super fast connection between their multi-touch Flash applications and Snowflake Suite.

TUIO is no longer required with this method, as there is a direct connection between the Flash application and the NUITEQ tracker, through the location connection. A simulated mouse input mechanism is integrated, giving software developers the benefit of not having to purchase a multi-touch hardware device in order to create inputs.

This project is still in alpha phase, so we welcome your feedback. The files (including the 3 videos) can be downloaded here.

Also check the two previous NUIversity® videos covering the Interactable Flash component and the Flash Connection component.

NUIversity® is a registered trademark of Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITEQ).