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NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite featured in latest N-trig video

Natural User Interface Technologies AB's (NUITEQ) multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite, got featured in the latest video from NUITEQ's partner N-trig.

The video demonstrates the N-trig DuoSense true multi-touch solution utilizing up to four fingers. The video features various multi-touch enabled applications, including how to pan and rotate using up to four fingers on Google Earth, a demonstration of how to play various onscreen musical instruments using the Snowflake Suite Music application, and a new hands-on way to play Sudoku.

N-trigs technology is amongst others used in the HP TouchSmart TX2, Dell Latitude XT and XT2 laptops.

Snowflake Suite for the N-trig platform will be commercially available in the upcoming weeks and NUITEQ offers 10% discount + 3 months of free upgrades on pre orders of Snowflake licenses for the N-trig platform.