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Snowflake Suite Flash Interactable Component NUIversity® video

In this educational NUIversity® video by Natural User Interface Technologies AB, Snowflake Suite developer for the Adobe Flash platform, Ralph Das, explains the usage of Snowflake Suites Interactable Component, allowing Flash developers to easily make a Flash multi-touch demo application, with no line of code, simply by dragging and dropping components.

This video covers how to make a rotatable and scalable image. The beauty about this is, that we have developed a Flash mouse input simulator, so that there is no need for multi-touch hardware in order to develop your applications. Simply simulate multiple mouse inputs for multi-touch.

Also the Connection Component, discussed in the previous NUIversity® video is also used.

This project is still in alpha phase and a download will become available with the next release of Snowflake Suite 1.7 for the NextWindow platform and camera based multi-touch solutions.

One additional NUIversity® video covering a Toucharray and a novel highly fast communication between Snowflake and Flash, will be following.

NUIversity is a registered trademark of Natural User Interface Technologies AB.