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Natural User Interface serves Singapore Changi Airport with multitouch technology

Natural User Interface was engaged to help showcase Singapore Changi Airport operations at the TFWA Asia Pacific & GATE ONE2ONE on 11 - 14 May.


With Snowflake’s applications, Natural User Interface had successfully provided an overview of Singapore Changi Airport retail outlets at Duty Free to Advertising at the Singapore Changi Airport.

Pictures below of a special redesigned Horizon multi-touch table to perfectly fit in the exhibition booth design.



Natural User Interface CIO Jonathan Chee, “This is the first external event CAAS has engaged Natural User Interface to display their corporate branding message at this multi-national platform. The main challenge for Natural User Interface in this project came initially in the form of the sheer magnitude of CAAS's portfolio. However, the two cornerstone company traits: localization and customization, were manifested and prevailed. We had literally gone many sleepless and dedicated nights to work around a tight schedule to deliver another stunning application...


Read the full press release on the Natural User Interface website here: http://www.natural-ui.com/aboutnui/news2009.html