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Natural User Interface Europe AB adopts new branding

Natural User Interface adopts new branding

Natural User Interface Europe AB has chosen a new logo and modified its company name.

The company is now known as Natural User Interface Technologies AB. The new company name is more in line with its vision and focus on conducting global business.

After having round up an investment from professional venture capitalist Savings Bank of Norrland Foundation for Venture Capital and the confusion that was arising in regards to the NUI branding, it was decided to now longer refer to the company as NUI nor Europe. This to avoid any confusion with other entities with whom there is no relation, or the geographically limited Europe.

A new name goes well in harmony with presenting a new and more thoughtful logo.

The new corporate Natural User Interface logo represents a stylized letter from the ancient Greek alphabet, namely the letter "l", also known as Lambda.

The lower case Lambda was used by the ancient Greek Spartans as a sign of unity.

The sign of unity is perfectly in line with the vision and mission of Natural User Interface, to unite users and therefore humans, with technology (through the interface), in a natural way.

The two colors and objects can be considered as humans (users) and technology, that are uniting with each other, through the Natural User Interface, the Lambda. At the same time the logo can be seen as three objects that represent the three words "Natural User Interface".

The logo is a stable and solid structure indicating our company's believe to provide balance and harmony between humans and technology.

The color combination of yellow with grey and the black letters insures the corporate and high tech look, which represents the company's profile, vision and mission.

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