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NUI Suite Snowflake 1.5 freely available for trial with additional support

We released NUI Suite Snowflake 1.5 to be tested by our close partners, before we offer the public release by the beginning of next week.

If you are interested in a free trial version of NUI Suite Snowflake with additional support, starting next week, feel free to contact us at mail@natural-ui.com or via our contact form.

Find the change log below:

* Version 1.5 - 2009/05/08
- Added application Tap
- Added a new calibration step for setting camera brightness, gain etcetera
- Added a direction marker to Viewer, for easier navigation
- Added model auto-scaling to the 3D Viewer
- Added usage descriptions to applications Bugs, Wong, Stacks
- Added support for setting a maximum amount of active applications
- Added back button to the Slider application
- Added initial version of a simplified calibration procedure, settable through the main config
- Added creation of crash reports
- Added asynchronous loading of models in 3D Viewer
- Improved TouchCore stability and performance
- Improved the calibration procedure
- Improved the graphics for the Particles menu
- Fixed so that the NextWindow TUIO sender goes back to sending mouse events upon exit
- Fixed a problem occurring when setting the render area wrongly in TouchCore calibration
- Fixed so that input markers are always shown inside the TouchCore calibration procedure
- Fixed a problem with Slider sometimes freezing the computer because of content overload
- Fixed a crash problem when trying to run Snowflake using an old graphics card without support for render textures (now it shows an error message instead)
- Fixed a crash problem with Flow
- Increased the default application size
- Made it easier to grab the paddles in Airhockey