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NUI Multi-touch Summit in Germany, sponsored by Adobe, a success

Sweden based Natural User Interface Europe AB organized the NUI Multi- touch Summit 2009, sponsored by Adobe.

The event was focused on multi-touch technology in relation to Adobe's software development platform Flash, which was held at the Adobe office in Munich Germany.

The event brought together an interesting group of professionals and students that are active within the multi-touch technology hardware and software industry, with amongst others people from N-TRIG, SMART, Evoluce, Ideum, Mindstorm and more.

Attendees mostly came from within Europe, like Holland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, England and Poland and also from Canada, USA and Israel.

Alex Ciorapciu, Adobe's System Engineer, provided the general introduction to the event and multi-touch technology, whereas NUI's CEO Harry van der Veen introduced the company NUI, while talking about the company's history, vision, mission, verticals and product offerings.

NUI's Software Engineer and passionate technology enthusiast, Pawel Solyga, discussed a software technical approach on how to develop multi-touch Flash applications and which performance increase opportunities lay ahead in the very near future.

Just before the lunch break Petri Tanninen from Canada based Thinkweave, introduced his company and discussed some of their works they have been involved in, within amongst others the financial sector and the oil/gas industry.

The lunch break with excellent food, was enjoyed from the with sun covered top of the Adobe office, with very nice view looking out over the Alps.

After the lunch break NUI's partner Ideum, that integrates NUI Suite Snowflake onto their multi-touch tables, presented their company and its works of interactive solutions in Museums in the USA. In addition they revealed their plans to launch a Flash Multi-touch Framework called Gesture Works, which will be launched in the upcoming months.

Afterwards Georg Kaindl, a talented speaker and academic from a technical university in Vienna, discussed the topic "Touché - tracker internals and communication with Adobe Flash", which covered the possibilities of the multi-touch software library that he eveloped for the Mac platform.

Ralph Das, interaction designer and CEO of Dutch Intactlab demonstrated some of his work related to multit-touch, he has done for his company in Holland.

Bob Eades and Wolfgang Herfurtner briefly introduced NUI's partner Evoluce and their product offerings of amongst others high quality projection screens.

The event was very well received by its attendees and formed a good opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry to share ideas and discuss opportunities and challenges that the industry is facing.

Harry van der Veen, NUI's CEO commented: "It was fantastic to see the commitment and passion of these people to come together to such an event on a Saturday, to share ideas and discuss challenges and solutions, especially since this event was on very short notice. Most of the people that attended are close friends, partners and colleagues, so it was great to see them. Since multi-touch technology is still at such an early mostly unexplored stage and with NUI being at the forefront of the development of this technology, we were very delighted to be able to facilitate this gathering together with Adobe."

Jim Spadaccini, the Director of Ideum, a New Mexico-based interactive design company said, "It was a long way to travel, but well worth the trip. As multitouch continues to evolve and mature as the technology, the summit provided a unique opportunity to connect with other pioneers in the field and to share ideas. It was great to hear about the latest developments in software, hardware, interaction design, and visitor experience."

Alex Ciorapciu, Adobe's System Engineer added: "We live in exciting times with regards to multi touch. We are about to create the future. Some came from far away and had traveled long for the chance to meet like minded and get inspired. It was a delight to see so many people devoted to this amazing technology, that is bound to revolutionize the way we engage with devices. Adobe has some very interesting ideas here and is eager to work together and organize events with companies like NUI. Beyond that, we're trying to listen hard to the community: this is where the best ideas come from."

About NUI
Natural User Interface (NUI) is a Sweden headquartered innovative emerging technology company, specializing in commercially available advanced multi-touch software, hardware and service solutions. NUI's solutions can convert an ordinary surface into an interactive, appealing and intelligent display that creates a stunning user experience. NUI provides multi-touch software that is applicable to mobile, hand held and consumer electronic devices using optical, resistive and capacitive technology. NUI has been offering its pioneering multi-touch technology for more than two years to a wide variety of industries from corporate organizations to governmental institutes across the globe. With software development operations in Poland and an extended office in Singapore, NUI is rapidly expanding to meet the increasing demand for interactive touch solutions.