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Twitter update from Natural User Interface

Below a summary of the Natural User Interface Multi-touch Twitter update 14th of April - 28th of April.

You can find NUI’s Twitter at www.twitter.com/multitouch where you can keep track of operational updates from NUI from Sweden, related to multitouch technology.

Check out this cool company called Kicker Studio, home amongst others of Dan Saffer http://www.kickerstudio.com/

NUI received another trademark for one of our software applications

Natural User Interface Europe AB partners with Bredbandsbolaget, NextWindow, Telac, Apple and HP on an technology exhibition in Stockholm

Natural User Interface Europe AB got mentioned in Metro Teknik, a prominent Swedish technology magazine

As co-founder unregistering from NUI Group and total and all affiliation, due to certain admins (who have double agendas) repeatedly changing my profile and removing posts and chats
(I once again would like to confirm that our company Natural User Interface Europe AB, has no affiliation at all with the NUI Group community (which understandably seems to be a hot item these days)

Pawel Solyga will be attending Apple WWDC 2009 to represent Natural User Interface Europe AB

Natural User Interface got featured in a Swedish regional business magazine "våra pengar" (our money) in last weeks edition on the 24th of April

Just got back from Silicon Valley, staying in Stockholm over night, heading back to NUI headquarters in Skelleftea tomorrow
(California was great (nice weather, great nature), if you ever get the chance, I recommend going to Alcatraz, they have an unique award winning audio tour, which was very interesting)

I'm happy that Sharath Patali, from India, who will be joining NUI headquarters in Sweden this summer, got approved for Google Summer of Code

At Interactive Displays, Jeff Han gave his keynote which had some interesting and funny parts in it. Really enjoy listening to him, great guy
(might want to add here, that despite the cool things Microsoft demonstrated (most of it I already saw on youtube earlier), that Jeff Han continuous to amaze people with clever HCI

Natural User Interface Europe AB hosts Multitouch Summit, sponsored by Adobe, 9th of May, Adobe office Munich, join? -> mail@natural-ui.com

Just came back from an interesting meeting with Tim Kukulski, Senior Computer Scientist, who is working on multi-touch within Adobe

Meeting a partner in Silicone Valley tomorrow

Natural User Interface featured in Pulse magazine from Raffles Education in Asia as multi-touch technology providing partner

Arcstream AV and NUI's combined multi-touch solution for Lockheed Martin demonstrated in the UK

NUI Suite Snowflake 1.4 multi-touch software solution has brand new graphics, see http://tinyurl.com/cv77aa

Just arrived in San Jose, will be meeting some companies in Silicone Valley before IDC

Natural User Interface Europe AB (NUI) sponsors Jimmy Hertz (Aquatouch) from SassExperience with a free ticket to IDC San Jose

Just got interviewed by another Swedish magazine regarding multi-touch technology.

Want to sign up for the NUI news letter? Please let us know at mail@natural-ui.com

Just received the book Designing Gestural Interfaces by Dan Saffer, where I was mentioned on page 24 with colleague Peter Bomark in action
(book looks great by the way, very attractive illustrations, can't wait to read it)