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NUI's multi-touch daily operations Twitter update

Below a summary of the Natural User Interface Multi-touch Twitter update 5th of April - 14th of April.

You can find NUI’s Twitter at www.twitter.com/multitouch where you can keep track of operational updates from NUI from Sweden, related to multitouch technology.

We just finished another multi-touch software customization project for a client in Asia, results will be posted in a few weeks

DB Systems' press release on the partnership with Natural User Interface can be found on the DBS website http://tinyurl.com/dctcwn

NUI's OEM partner DB Systems is now shipping their multi-touch solutions

Natural User Interface Europe AB gives away 1 free pass to IDC in San Jose

Natural User Interface Europe AB the exclusive sole sponsor of Wireless Internet at the Interactive Displays Conference in San Jose, USA

Today released NUI Suite Snowflake 1.4, with a set of new applications and quite some improvements

Still snowing at NUI headquarters in Skelleftea Sweden, does it ever stop?

Just played with one of the new games that will be included in NUI Suite Snowflake 1.5, fun!

Tomorrow interview with a regional news paper

NUI assists National University of Singapore during its 4th NUS Arts Festival (NAF) with multi-touch tech http://www.multitouch.nl/?p...6:08 PM Apr 6th from web

NUI's partner Ideum wins a New Mexico Technology Solution Award