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Video: NUI Suite Snowflake (plug-in) running on HP TouchSmart with NextWindow technology

We developed the NUI Suite Snowflake plug-in for NextWindow's hardware platform, supporting amongst others the HP TouchSmart IQ500, IQ770, IQ800 series and Dell Studio One 19 PC .

More information can be found here: http://www.natural-ui.com/solutions/software_nw.html

Read the press release on the NUI NextWindow partnership here: http://www.natural-ui.com/aboutnui/news2009.html

NUI and NextWindow combined technology allows for natural and intuitive interaction of digital content, creating an engaging user experience. These combined solutions can be utilized in public spaces, education, military, real estate, museums, exhibition/events, retail stores, interactive advertisement and digital signage and more. Also, this enables the end users to have much thinner multi-touch solution, compared to camera based solutions.