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NUI Suite Snowflake once again used in new Multi-touch Exhibition Space in USA

NUI's OEM Partner Ideum (USA), again successfully delivered an exciting new project, this time they completed an installation of a multitouch, multiuser table exhibit and two multitouch enabled kiosks for Vulcan Park and Museum in Birmingham, Alabama.

All installations that run on NUI Suite Snowflake at it's core have customized multi-touch software applications running on them, developed by Ideum in Flash.
Ideum designed a mapping and photo mashup application showing interactive maps, panoramic images, and community-provided photography.

In addition to that they developed a multitouch panoramic viewing application that runs on two HP TouchSmart kiosks.

Ideum designed and developed the stand and exhibit-case for the HP TouchSmart. This platform provides a low-cost touch and multiouch platform for computer exhibits, operating on technology NextWindow one of NUI's strong partners.


Visitors interact with the interactive map and photographs of Birmingham.


Some visitors have to be dragged away


The multitouch-enabled HP TouchSmart, operating on NextWindow's integrated optical touch screen technology and running NUI Suite Snowflake with customized software applications developed by Ideum.

Original post: http://www.ideum.com/blog/2009/03/10/birmingham-today-multitouch-exhibition-space/

After having partnered up with NextWindow, NUI is delighted to see an increasing interest for NUI Suite Snowflake requests for the mult-touch enabled HP Touchsmarts platform.