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NUI Suite Snowflake for thin LCD, Plasma and TFT solutions

Natural User Interface (NUI) now offers NUI Suite Snowflake for thin LCD, Plasma and TFT solutions.

NUI recently partnered up with NextWindow™, an international leader in the development of optical multi-touch technology and the manufacturer of optical multi-touch screens, overlays and OEM touch components.

The partnership allowed NUI to develop the NUI Suite Snowflake plug-in for NextWindow™'s technology, supporting their innovative and cost effective touch solutions ranging from 15 - 120" diagonal.

NextWindow's technology can be used as an overlay on top of flat TFT, LCD and Plasma solutions, however the technology is also integrated in mainstream products like the HP TouchSmart IQ500, IQ770, IQ800 series and Dell Studio One 19 PC.

You can find the full press release on the NUI website:

The NUI NextWindow™ plug-in allows for third party multi-touch software application developers to run their software on the NextWindow platform, supporting any programming language that utilizes TUIO, i.e. C/C++/C#, Java, Flash, Python, Flex, Air, VVVV etcetera. The plug-in comes with pre-installed applications such as PDF viewer, Special effects, Media Viewer, Draw application, 3D model viewer and many more.

Anthony Uhrick, NextWindows VP of Sales mentions: "NextWindow is pleased with the fact that Natural User Interface chose to enable NUI Suite Snowflake to operate on the NextWindow platform. NUI is a pioneering company and brand within the multi-touch technology industry and their efforts to integrate their software solutions on our platform, is a sign that they recognize the importance of our combined solutions. NUI adds value to our platform by delivering a good software solution that allows people to utilize our platform to a further extent."

More details on the NUI Suite Snowflake plug-in for NextWindow on the NUI website: http://www.natural-ui.com/solutions/software_nw.html