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Natural User Interface Twitter updates

Below a summary of the Natural User Interface Twitter update 1-14 March

You can find NUI’s Twitter at www.twitter.com/multitouch where you can keep track of operational updates from NUI.

Natural User Interface partners up with NextWindow, an international leader in the development of optical multi-touch technology

Uploaded:IEEE Tabletops and Interactive Surfaces '08 whitepaper NUI wrote http://tinyurl.com/d44to8

NUI Suite Snowflake running successfully on Windows 7 on N-Trigs platform, which is supported by Latitude XT & XT2 and the HP Touchsmart TX2

NUI Suite Snowflake again successfully utilized for a multi-touch exhibit in USA by Ideum

Updated the front page of www.natural-ui.com and finished a photo shoot for a brochure for an interaction design event in the Summer

Today we received the registration certificate for the NUI logo from the EU patent and trademark office, USA still pending

Back from CEBIT, it was pretty disappointing, not many interactive solutions

Our NUI twitter account rocketed into the second page on Google for "multitouch"

NUI's new OEM Partner, German interactive solutions provider Mehr:wert, adds NUI Suite Snowflake to their extended product portfolio

AV specialist DB Systems (http://dbsystems.co.uk/) (UK) engages in OEM Partnership with NUI to serve the exhibition industry with Snowflake

Glad to see that we still inspire the Microsoft Surface team: http://tinyurl.com/cc5emy

We finalized the development of a multi-touch airhockey game that we will introduce at Dreamhack this weekend

Finally touched a MS Surface today at CEBIT and it was disappointing, slow tracking, especially with more inputs and a non durable top

Dropped some photo's of the NUI / Young and Rubicam partnership showcase event in Singapore at http://www.multitouch.nl/

24th of February, NUI's OEM Partner from UK demonstrated Snowflake on their multitouch wall at International Confex 2009