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Natural User Interface Europe AB meets Adobe

Adobe logo

Last Wednesday the 11th of November I was invited by Adobe to come to their office in Germany to talk about multi-touch technology. I went there together with my colleague NUI's Senior Marketing Consultant Pradeep George to give a presentation to provide insight into the amazing paradigm switch that is taking place within the HCI field.

Alex Ciorapciu who is the Technical Marketing Specialist for Adobe, welcomed us in a rainy but still pleasant Germany.

Aside to that we met with Georg Kaindl a multi-touch interaction designer from the University of Vienna who is also one of the members of our NUI Group community. Georg gave some interesting insights in his vision and understanding of the change in HCI that is taking place.

A quote from Alex' blog: "We had very fruitful discussions on how to enable Flash developers to easily create innovative applications for Multi-touch."

NUI and Adobe Germany together will have some interesting things lined up on the very near future, of which you will hear more quite soon. I will keep you posted....

Don't forget to keep an eye out for the website of Adobe Max.

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