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Natural User Interface at Dreamhack 2008 Summer and in Ny Teknik

dreamhack 2008
Dreamhack visitors playing in the background with the multitouch table of Natural User Interface in the booth of LTU Skellefteå.

Natural User Interface together with several students from LTU Skelleftå developed the game Magicka for the multitouch table.
Magicka won two weeks ago the Best Game award for Swedish computer games in 2008.

Natural User Interface got featured for their multi-touch technology in Ny Teknik, Sweden's largest technical news magazine, while attending Dreamhack, the worlds biggest LAN event, held in Jönköping, Sweden.

Quote: ""Peter Bomark from Natural User Interface in Skellefteå showed a touch-sensitive tablescreen with a next generation of Pong, called Wong. They recently sold a similar table in Abu Dhabi."

Read the article in Swedish here.