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DNA (Digital News Affairs) 2008 Brussels Belgium


After visiting Manneken Pis I gave a presentation on multi touch technology in combination with media, as I was invited to Brussels.

The focus of my presentation was, how can multi-touch help people involved in media (magazines, news papers and other information broadcasters), in terms of developing / designing content in a multi user multi touch collaborative environment as well as delivering / presenting content focussed on public displays. (I will post the presentation later)

All three jury members (Russell Merryman, Editor-in-Chief, Web and New
Media, Al Jazeera / Bas Broekhuizen, Editor, Volkskrant TV and Nico Verplancke, Program Manager, IBBT) choose Natural User Interface as the winner out of 5 technologies, as well as the majority of the audience.

Quite some media attended:
De persgroep, NOS, de Telegraaf, The Telegraph, Al Jazeerah, SKY NEWS, de Volkskrant, BBC, VRT, Reuters, Hyves, FT.com etc.


Big thanks go out to Andrew Slavin for inviting me and managing the event and to Paul Egglestone for hosting the session. And of course also to the other people that presented their technologies! Really interesting.


"What next for…….
How do you mix news content with the latest webbased applications, computer technology and graphics to create innovative news services? This session replicates the recent MELD research project developed in the UK by UCLan's Department of Journalism in collaboration with Sandbox. Based on the well known 'Dragons' Den' TV format, journalists, computer, gaming and mobile technologists will combine to pitch their content enhancement ideas to a group of news executives. The pitches will explore the
opportunities presented by mixing news content with IT and examine new ways to deliver news to audiences and communities."
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