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Multi-touch display table frame inspiration

A while ago, I got inspired by a member of the NUIgroup community, called Frankvl. He was developing a multi-touch table himself. I was very delighted to see the frame of his display. And to me it's the nicest design of a frame for a multi-touch display which i've seen this far. So I wanted to do something similar and started making sketches and put some idea's on paper.

Frankvl's frame:


While I was having an general chitchat about multi-touch with Ralph Das, we stumbled upon the topic of building a frame.

He showed me the following image:


I was like, awesome! Kind of the same thing Frankvl had built.

So he pointed me to the website of Rimas Assembly Technologie

This company supplies components for easy to build constructions, like the one from the image above. And from what I've heard the material isn't even that expansive. I wasn't able to find prices on the website that fast, but you should check it out yourself anyway.

These images/website gave me some nice idea's to think about. Hopefully this will inspire you as well to build a kick ass frame for your multi-touch display, so you can totally flabbergast your family and friends. Think about something like a rotatable display (acrylic) by remote control (horizontall as a normal table, in an angle to work on as a computer, or vertical to use as television).