Mega list of physics resources

Lynn V. Marentette, M.A., Sp.A., Learning Experience Designer, NUITEQ®

Snowflake MultiTeach® collaborative multi-touch software is ideal for exploring and presenting a wide range of Physics and related STEM subjects.

The images below are from a demo unveiled at the ISTE 2017 conference and feature a project created with the Nodes app.

Physics project in Nodes

Physics project in Nodes - open

The following links are grouped according to the topics presented in the Nodes Physics demo:


Newton’s Laws of Motion, Khan Academy

First Law of Motion, Khan Academy

More on Newton’s First Law of Motion

Newton’s Second Law of Motion, Khan Academy

More on Newton’s Second Law of Motion, Khan Academy

Newton’s Third Law of Motion Kahn Academy

More on Newton’s Third Law of Motion, Khan Academy


Copernicus: Video and Resources,

Descartes: Video and Resources,

Video: Kepler’s First Law of Motion, Socratia

Website: Kepler’s Astronomianova

Galileo: Video and Resources (

Newton: Video and Resources (


Instructables: Make a Fidget Spinner (kenyer)

Let’s Explore the Physics of Rotational Motion with a Fidget Spinner

Rhett Allain, Wired 5/23/17: Wired: Want to Know How Long a Fidget Spinner Spins? Get a Laser and Some Physics

Rhett, Allain, Wired, 5/09/17: Gorilla Physics Video: Spinners! - How do fidget spinners work? – Quick Physics Video

Gorilla Physics Video: How does a fidget spinner work? CENTRAPETAL FORCE in fidget spinners- Physics Stories

Teaching Channel: Fidgeting for Physics: Spinner Science in Six Steps

Kathy’s Katch, Discovery Education Blog: Using Fidget Spinners to Target Literacies


Dr. Skateboard’s Action Science- Newton’s Laws Playlist (Bill Robertson)

Paul Hewitt’s Skateboard Physics (Blog Post)

Dr. Skateboard on Skateboard Physics and Learning:

Learning the Physics of Skateboarding Engages Kids in Science

Hewitt-Drew-it! Skateboard Torques

CPALMS (Florida): Skate Force – Using a Skateboard to Investigate Force, Mass and Acceleration

Motion is Kinetic Energy


Physics Sims

PHET: Energy Skatepark Basics

High School Physics Resources, General

IB (International Baccalaureate) Physics

InThinking IB Physics

AP (Advance Placement) Physics

Khan Academy: AP Physics Review

Flipping Physics AP Physics 1

 WikiBooks: Index of Physics Equations

WikiBooks High School Physics

WikiMedia: Physics Animations


Conservation of Angular Momentum


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