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NUITEQ’s award-winning CEO and co-founder, Dutch born and now Swede Harry van der Veen, was one of the first people in the world, that had engineered a prototype of a collaborative multi-user multitouch display, during his studies, back in 2006.

This was before the launch of the Apple iPhone and back in the day when googling for “multitouch”, literally only returned a hand full of search results.


In April 2007,

the Luleå Technical University (LTU) in Skellefteå invited Harry to come to Sweden, to work on a multitouch technology related graduation project, together with several LTU students and an assistant professor.

During the graduation project, in June 2007, after significant global commercial interest for the project, Harry co-founded the company NUITEQ at the age of 25.

Having successfully completed his graduation project in Sweden, he was awarded a Bachelor degree in Multimedia as part of the education program Communication, Multimedia & Design in Holland.

His passion for Human Computer Interaction and his bold vision that multitouch technology would revolutionise the way people interact with content, made him emigrate to Sweden directly after his studies, to continue to work with the company.

Fast forward to January 2023,

NUITEQ got acquired by its partner Clear Touch and continues to operate as a collaborative software developer with staff in Sweden, USA, India, Brazil, Canada, Germany and the Dominican Republic. The company has customers in over 70 countries, and its customers and partners include Lenovo, 3M, NEC, Sahara Presentation Systems, Clear Touch, Ericsson, Accenture and General Electric.

Harry’s driving force is to make NUITEQ’s touchscreen software solutions globally available.

In his free time, Harry enjoys the outdoors, traveling, food, exploring different cultures, food, watching tv shows, movies, documentaries, working ;) and food.

His motto in life is
"A day without laughter, is a day wasted".

Connect with Harry on Twitter.