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A powerful digital makerspace designed to engage students in deeper thinking and analytical skills.

What is Symphony?

Symphony is an interactive whiteboard that transforms your classroom into a digital makerspace. Here, students engage in deeper thinking and can easily demonstrate their analytical skills. 

Symphony allows extended written responses, supporting the development of both qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills. Students can show mastery of content by analyzing and synthesizing data from various sources.

This versatile tool enables educators to seamlessly integrate content creation, collaboration, and critical thinking into their curriculum, empowering students to participate actively in their education journey. It also allows teachers to transform a whiteboard into an interactive assignment, making learning more engaging and effective.

Supports secondary and higher education and applies to elementary education as well.





NUITEQ Symphony students


Symphony Key Features

Multimedia and Interactivity: Symphony supports interactive assignments that can be sent to students and completed on individual student devices or a panel, functioning independently of direct teacher guidance.

Curriculum Development: NUITEQ is actively developing Symphony curricula for secondary education, especially in subjects such as English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Toolset: The platform features a comprehensive toolbar that includes a Notepad, Text Box, Media Insertion (from computer or drives), Web Page Embedding, and Video Insertion, as well as specific tools like Pen/Eraser, Shapes, Audio, and Math Tools.

Assignment and Feedback: Assignments can be sent in the same format as lesson activities, and progress review and feedback follow the existing formats, including written, audio, and video feedback options.