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NUITEQ Chorus is a digital collaborative teaching and learning platform that enhances teaching and learning processes, reduces teachers’ workload, and improves student learning outcomes.

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Empowering Educators

Chorus empowers educators to create dynamic learning resources that cater to diverse student needs.

Each lesson plan is easily editable to fit your needs, and with differentiated strategies embedded within it, educators can easily adapt their teaching to accommodate different learning styles and abilities.

Chorus will support you in your daily teaching, from planning instruction to executing it and following up with students.



Redefine Teaching and Learning

Experience a different approach to teaching and learning with NUITEQ Chorus. Through pre-made vetted lessons, Chorus lightens the load for educators, allowing them to focus on personalized instruction.
Designed to facilitate differentiated learning, the platform empowers educators to cater to diverse student needs, ultimately leading to improved learning outcomes.

Moreover, Chorus's digital makerspace, allows students to actively engage in learning through content creation, fostering creativity and understanding.

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Elevate teaching and learning with NUITEQ Snowflake integrated within your Canvas LMS

Leverage the power of NUITEQ Snowflake and Canvas LMS to create a more engaging and effective learning environment for your students.
With streamlined single sign-on and data synchronization, you can easily access NUITEQ Snowflake’s interactive teaching tools and resources within Canvas, making it more convenient for you and your students to use.
Discover NUITEQ Snowflake within Canvas and take advantage of improved workflow efficiency.

Engaging Content

From instructional videos to interactive worksheets and game-based activities, Chorus offers a rich library of educational content designed to captivate students' attention and foster deeper understanding.

Our competence-aligned lesson plans provide a structured framework for teaching various subjects, including Mathematics, Science, English, and more, ensuring comprehensive support for students and educators alike.

Plus, our AI Assistant helps facilitate the way teachers create content. Supporting more than 85 languages and giving the possibility to create educational content from images or even YouTube videos, the AI Assistant allows teachers to make lesson planning more time-efficient and focus even more on fostering meaningful relationships and guiding students toward success.


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Student Digital Makerspace

Allowing students to create rather than consume content is one of the most powerful strategies educators can utilize to improve learning outcomes.

The Chorus digital makerspace is a unique place where student creation is encouraged. Developed following the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), it allows students to show mastery of content through creation.

Ready-made Lesson Activities templates and different multimedia formats offering alternative modes of representation (text, audio, visuals, recordings, etc.) can be used to create learning games, presentations, and even full projects.

By creating, students develop critical thinking, creativity, and communication and can easily demonstrate understanding of the material. The Chorus digital makerspace empowers students to take an active role in their learning journey, leading to improved outcomes.



Community Support

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Chorus fosters a sense of community among educators. Users can share ideas and exchange resources across diverse subjects and skills by connecting and engaging with other teachers' lesson activities.

This approach enriches the teaching and learning experience while encouraging creativity and peer-to-peer support.

Dynamic Presentation Tools

With Chorus, educators can bring their lessons to life using our intuitive whiteboard. With unique features such as students collaborating from their desks and embedded web pages, the whiteboard offers endless possibilities for creating engaging and interactive presentations that capture students' attention and facilitate deeper understanding.


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Effortless Collaboration


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Chorus makes teacher-student interactions a breeze with its organizer and sharing capabilities.

Educators can easily access or create lesson activities and send out assignments for which they can provide instant feedback, allowing students to learn and improve in real-time.

With the ability to share resources and ideas effortlessly, Chorus fosters a collaborative learning environment where every voice is heard.

Insightful Tracking and Reporting

Track and monitor learning progress with Chorus's reporting tools. Educators can gain valuable insights into student performance, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and tailor their teaching accordingly.

With detailed reports and analytics at their fingertips, educators can make data-driven decisions that enhance student learning outcomes.

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Active Participation and Feedback

Engage students with interactive polls that encourage active participation and feedback.

Chorus's polling feature allows educators to gauge student understanding in real-time, enabling them to adjust their teaching strategies on the fly.

By incorporating polls into lessons, educators can create dynamic and responsive learning experiences that keep students engaged and motivated.




  • Canvas LMS: single sign-on and data synchronization.
  • Google Classroom: roster, single sign-on.
  • ClassLink: roster, single sign-on.
  • Clever: single sign-on.
  • Microsoft: single sign-on
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