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Snowflake more than just a great product - it comes with unmatched customer support

We always pride ourselves on providing superb customer support that is in our opinion unmatched by other companies in the multitouch space.

Image: Happy faces when using Snowflake :)

Today we received our monthly stats for October 2015 from Zendesk, an external platform that we use to give support.

We want to share these stats with you, as we believe in transparency and also to show, that when you become a NUITEQ customer or partner, you get more than just a product. You get our dedicated commitment to give you a great support experience.

We cut our first reply time in half. From 14,7 hours to 7,3 hours. This includes weekends and holidays!

Or first reply time is 12,4 hours shorter than our industry average (software industry). This is better than 81,6% of other Zendesk customers.

Customer satisfaction
In October we had a 100% customer satisfaction rate, the same as in 
September, for support cases that were logged by Zendesk.  

This is better than 83% of other Zendesk customers.

We know, 100% sounds hard to believe and we admit, in the past we have had months where the rate was 96% or 93%, but it goes to show, how hard our team works to ensure that you as a Snowflake user, are a happy user.