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NUITEQ® scores 92% customer satisfaction in June

When you decide to come on board with NUITEQ® and starting using Snowflake, you get more than the value and solid performance of the software. You also get access to our dedicated support team that handles support cases in a timely manner.

We use an external software platform to provide support. This platform sent us the monthly snapshot of June and here are the results:

How does your support performance match up?
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First Reply Time - The time it takes for our agent to first respond to a ticket.
6.5 hrs first reply time (in May it was 9 hours)

This average includes holidays and weekends.

Our first reply time is 12,6 hours shorter than our industry average. 
This is better than 82,7% of other companies that use this support platform.


If you are not happy with our support, I as CEO will personally make sure that this gets rectified.

In June, we scored a 92,3% customer satisfaction rate, compared to 100% in May and 92,9% in April.

You can find our Customer Support Portal here
You can also find over 30 training videos here.

We think we are pretty awesome in providing support, but don't take our word for it, see what one of our partners from Australia has to say about it:

With the quality of their world class Snowflake software backed by exceptional support, NUITEQ is at the forefront of interactive software development.  Our association with them has made for a rewarding partnership and proven to be a great move for our business objectives.

Simon Webber - CFO A Brighter Image (Australia)

If you have any technical questions, just drop us a mail at support@nuiteq.com

Harry van der Veen