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New collaborative software for meeting rooms Snowflake Business 5.0

Skellefteå, Sweden/Palo Alto, USA – September 9th, 2016 - NUITEQ®, a world leader in collaborative touchscreen software solutions, announced today the launch of Snowflake Business 5.0, the touchscreen collaboration software for interactive whiteboards, projectors and flat panel displays in corporate meeting rooms.

Snowflake Business 5.0 improvements and additions are implemented based on user feedback. The new version of the collaborative software aims to provide users with a better overall experience, improve collaboration and reduce meeting times.

In this 5.0 release we've added a brand new browser that allows you to use the internet directly from within Snowflake. You can safely browse your favourite sites, open PDF files and use Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides, YouTube and even popular collaboration tool Slack.

Additionally we've improved Whiteboard, which now supports PowerPoint files, PDF document and videos.

The Media app has been completely rebuilt. Media allows you and your colleagues to create and give interactive presentations supported with text, images, videos, audio and other content.

Read further to discover the full feature improvements and additions list.

New in this release

1. Added new Media app, developed from the ground up


Media is completely built from the ground up. We’ve designed a fresh new look and feel and we created new functionalities to help people to collaborate with more ease. Users can pick their own background and their favourite content such as images, videos, PDFs and PowerPoint files, ideal for usage in corporate meeting rooms. You can even search for content from the internet via the search option and load it into the app. Optionally you can load content from Dropbox, your computer or a USB stick.

2. Added new Browser with a complete new search engine


As with Media, we have also rebuilt the browser from top to bottom, using a complete new browser search engine. This has resulted in amazing performance improvements. Use your favourite resources such as Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and content websites. Pinch and zoom, to focus in on details and mark with them with annotations to stimulate group discussions. We’ve now also added bookmarks, allowing you to quickly access your online resources, Google Docs, Google Drive and other websites. You can even use the popular collaboration tool Slack.

3. Added a new, modern, menu design


4. Added Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French translations
5. Added support for clicking links in the Twitter Widget
6. Improved cleaner corner menu UI


7. Improved visual consistency in Nodes


8. Improved keyboard UI


9. Fixed connectivity issues in Instagram widget
10. Fixed Chinese on-screen keyboard issues
11. Fixed UI issues in Whiteboard


12. Fixed interaction issues in Stage
13. Fixed various minor UI inconsistencies in Configurator
14. General bug fixes and performance improvements

Beta testing feedback

Before we release a new product version, we rigorously test the software internally for weeks. We also receive external support from Snowflake users that help us during this testing period to ensure that the final released product is solid and working smoothly to give the best possible experience to the users.

See what some Snowflake beta testing users had to say about this new release:

Dimitris B. from Greece about the new browser:
“It’s much faster than the previous browser and so far I’ve tried many sites without any problem and it works also with PDF.”

Tobias K. from Germany about Media:
“I really like the new Media app, it’s easy to use and looks extremely professional.”

Emmanuel D. from France about the new design and browser:
“The new menu design is more modern. It is really nice. The new corner menu, it really needed improvement and now it’s really nice. The new browser seems to work much better.”

How to upgrade cost free?
If you have a licensed version of Snowflake and if you are running Snowflake 4.10.1 (released February 2016) or a newer version, you can upgrade cost free simply with a few clicks. Read more here.

If you are running a version older than 4.10.1, we recommend you to do the following:
- Completely uninstall the old version of Snowflake Business
- Install Snowflake Business and you’re ready to go.

Important note!
If you have ever made changes to Snowflake with the Configurator that comes pre-installed with the software, please ensure that you delete the Content folder in the Snowflake Suite folder, inside Documents on your computer. This way you will be able to enjoy the new menu and design.

Ready to try out Snowflake Business 5.0? Get the new version here:

Snowflake Business 5.0


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Media enquiries
Contact: Alina Chioran, Marketing Officer at NUITEQ® +46 73 087 7099, ac@nuiteq.com