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Lessons Online: How to Play and Create a Spinner Lesson

In the above video, NUITEQ's Learning Experience Designer, Lynn Marentette, demonstrates how teachers can play and create a Spinner lesson type in the Lessons Online educational software.

The Spinner lesson type is good for usage as a discussion starter for any subject and works well for paired, small group, and classroom activities. It is good for reviewing fast facts, such as curriculum-based vocabulary words and math equations. The Spinner can be used to group or select students for activities or learning centers, or to guide lesson activities that require randomized turn-taking.

The lesson featured in the tutorial aligns with the YouTube video, “The Physics of Space Battles”. Students first watch the video, and then with a peer or a group, take turns to discuss the topic that is selected when the spinner lands.

Information about the edit screen in the Lessons App in Snowflake MultiTeach is provided at the end of the video.

Featured lesson:

YTLL The Physics of Space Battles | Spinner
(Curriculum standards are listed in the lesson’s description)


Quantum Rocketry:

Thoughts on Space Battles (Joseph Shoer)

Projecting Space Battle Physics

This lesson can be modified for different grade levels. It was designed to be part of a broader instructional unit about physics and space. It can be paired with The Physics of Space Battles Vocabulary

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