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Our passion for dedicated support - Its in our DNA

We are proud of the fact that we arguably offer the most dedicated and timely support in our industry. Its part of our DNA.

When you purchase Snowflake, you get more than just an award-winning multitouch software product with over 70 apps across its product lines. You'll gain access to our dedicated technical staff and their 7+ years experience and expertise working with multitouch solutions.

We strongly feel that our support (in addition to our premium products) is one of the edges that we offer and we truly believe in providing premium support, because we want our customers to come back for more love. Its for a good reason our Fortune 100 customers and system integrating partners keep coming back to us.

I want to share the June 2014 stats of our Online Customer Support Help Desk with you.

Just like in May and many other months, in June we had a 100% satisfaction rating. 100%, we know, it sounds unrealistic, but those are the facts.

Our average first response time was 30.5 hours. This includes weekends and holidays. Pretty neat right?

It gets better.

In 75% of the cases, customers received a response within 1 hour.

In 18% of the cases, it took us between 1 and 8 hours to answer and in 4% of the cases it took between 8 and 24 hours.

Only in 4% of the situations, people had to wait for more than 24 hours for their first response.

Interested to experience our support? Contact us at support@nuiteq.com

Looking forward to working with you.