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Multi-touch for advertising by NUITEQ's CIO Jonathan Chee


The adoption of Multitouch Technologies (MT) is starting to be felt all throughout the Advertising Industry. The initial foray of these market punters are to adopt MT as an enhancement to digital signage solutions.

However, even though people do understand the age old adage that physical interaction with a message or advertisement will increase message retention, ad agencies still have very little data on how to quantify the benefits of touch. Especially, Multitouch.

In this age of the information superhighway, traditional media which relies on broadcasting or narrowcasting has very limited effectiveness.

Broadcasting is essentially utilizing a message which is designed and put in place to hit a generic crowd i.e. Billboards. This implies wastage.

Narrowcasting is on the other end of the spectrum where a message is narrowed down to such a specific demographic that it will only target a very small catchment area.

With the adoption of Multitouch Technologies in Advertising, instead of pushing Ads to the end user, the user can "PULL" the information for themselves. User identifies themselves to the screens and based on their preferences, a set of content which is suitable for them will be then presented to them. No other mediums apart from MT screens can accomplish this.

NUITEQ's CIO Jon Chee was recently asked to present this new technology to a group of very influential advertising firms in the Global Region.


"New Technology is always scary to adopt anywhere. In the events and advertising world, as a flash collateral, MT adoption is fairly easily to push forth as the machines will seem "cool" at the roadshow or product launch. However, justification for its long term deployment and utilization is harder to push. We have to demonstrate to the main stakeholders, the quantification of touch. How often an advert was touched? How was it interacted upon? Which message appealed more, and how readily can the content be changed real time to suit the environment? Snowflake is truly the best tool for all the above. At this conference, the stakeholders' eyes were opened and I predict that this will be a phenomenal market for us in the coming years ahead" , said NUITEQ's CIO Mr. Jonathan Chee of the NUITEQ Asia office in Singapore.