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Any sugar with that?

About two weeks ago my Macbook Pro died on me. It had been serving me well for 3 years and delighted me, so obviously I would go for a Macbook Pro again, when buying a new one.

Of course I could buy it online from Apple directly and probably get it within 24 hours, however I'm intrigued by the importance of prospect / customer service, so I wanted to see how this local company in Skelleftea, a certified Apple reseller called Grafit, would treat their prospects walking into their store.

At NUITEQ our #1 priority is the satisfaction, support and service of our potential and existing partners and customers. It is important to us that the people we work with, get the attention that they expect and need, as without customers you are out of business tomorrow.

So I decided to walk into this Apple store, walked around a little bit and a very friendly store manager walked up to me and asked me if he could help me with something. I responded "I would like to have a cup of coffee please.", to which he a little bit confused answered, "Uhm okay, can you wait 10 minutes, coffee is on its way."

Right there and then he won the sale. I waited for my coffee, finished it and said, I'll take that Macbook Pro with me now.

Despite no sugar in the coffee, a sweet experience for both me and the other guy.

Followup sale
As my old Mac had died and with it somewhere my license key for iWork, I needed a new license for it and thought, lets see how great these guys are really at Customer Support.

I send them a mail this morning, telling them that I was too busy to go into town to buy the software and asked them if they could come by my office instead, to deliver the software.

Half an hour ago the store manager personally showed up in my office, delivering the software.

Third sale
The next thing I'll need is a monitor, which I can easily order online at Apple, but I will now instead order it locally through this guy, because he deserves the sale, as he truly cares about his clients' business and such a great Customer Support deserves more business.

Future sales
Any future Apple related products that I need, I will get locally as well, simply because their Customer Support is nice.

Simply by offering me a cup of coffee, without me showing signs of wanting to buy, he earned the business.

Customer service, going the extra yard, creates client loyalty.

I hope he learned something from this experience and will continue to serve his clients and prospects as he does. I surely learned a whole lot from this experience and will utilize it to the benefit of our prospects, clients and partners.