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Project/community update

Last week I was interviewed by an editor from England for a newsletter called 'LEDs in lighting and display news' published by Pira International (www.intertechpira.com). I told him some about the project and I redirected him to David Wallin and to Dr. Johannes Hirche (project supervisor in Sweden) of the NUI group community. Hopefully they can provide him with some interesting information to write about as well. It's nice to see that more and more people get interested in multi-touch.

Ticket ordered
I ordered my plane ticket to Sweden. I'll be leaving Friday the 27th of April for period of 3-4 months. Like I wrote before, I'm going to work on a multi-touch graduating project. I'm going to work with 4 students and 1 researcher/supervisor. All 4 students are doing this project for their bachelor thesis. 3 of them are are Computer Games Programming students. 1 of those is developing the game. 2 others are going to work on the gesture recognition software. The fourth is a Computer Graphics Artist student who's working on the content and visualizations as well as the building process of the table.

Multi-touch meeting
The 18th of April I got a meeting scheduled with Ralph Das. He's Digital Media Design student at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands. He's coming over to view our table and to have a chitchat about multi-touch in general. So that might be interesting. I suggest you also take a look at his blog, which is quite interesting.