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NUITEQ® appoints new Marketing Officer for its headquarters in Sweden

Skellefteå, Sweden, 11 April 2016 – NUITEQ®, the award-winning multitouch software developer, announced today that it has appointed Alina Chioran as it's Marketing Officer.

In her role at NUITEQ®, Alina will focus on improving the company's marketing strategy as well as increasing the relevance and recognition of NUITEQ® products - Snowflake MultiTeach® and Snowflake Business. Furthermore, she will also support our partners in their marketing efforts. Her responsibilities span marketing and communications, web/digital marketing and social media.

With a Bachelor’s in Marketing from EPHEC, School of Commercial Studies of Brussels, Alina has played an important role in E-marketing and digital project management. She is interested in developing and promoting new technologies as well as multimedia solutions for classrooms and business meeting rooms.

She brings to NUITEQ® her international work experience (Holland, Belgium and Romania), her knowledge of many languages, and her passion for marketing and communications. We are convinced that Alina will be a valuable addition to the NUITEQ® team. You can connect with Alina on LinkedIn.


NUITEQ® is an award-winning developer of touchscreen software for primary/elementary schools, that is re-imagining and redefining education technology. It's software suite of collaborative learning games, Snowflake MultiTeach®, helps to improve education outcomes for teachers, students and schools. The software creates higher engagement, greater enjoyment and better collaboration while learning. MultiTeach is used by schools in over 70 countries. NUITEQ's vision is to empower educators to help kids learn by playing. For more information, visit www.nuiteq.com.

NUITEQ® and Natural User Interface® are registered trademarks of Natural User Interface Technologies AB in Sweden, EU and USA.

Media enquiries

Contact: Alina Chioran, Marketing Officer, NUITEQ®, +46(0) 73 087 70 99, ac@nuiteq.com